Week 10

on January 8, 2013

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

This week our beloved ummi leaves to Jordan. Ummi tells us via facebook group which is the easier way to communicate to us, as all of us connect to facebook everyday. hehe.. Ummi also mention about the schedule for this week’s class of to show the progress of our video in the class. So, there also be the comment’s session by Mr Helmi and Mrs Hazrati about the video progress for each of the group.

The first group that present their first draft for video production is Shafasafiratin group. They present their idea or theme of their video which is about friendship. They also show the trailer for their video about the interview with the kids,kindergarten kids, with the question of “what means by friend”, that really creative, listen to the kids’ answering the questions really touch my heart, the values and the innocent of the kids for their understanding about friendship, which is quite real, and creative.

My group, is the second group to present the draft, actually i am bit nervous and worried of what’s other’s think and feel about our group’s draft, classmates and of course Mr Helmi and Mrs Hazrati. We start the presentation by explaining the theme of our video production of the healthy lifestyle, the outdoor activities which is about hiking Broga Hill. Then, we show the video of capturing every moments of hiking the Broga Hill and also the interview with the people who also hiking Broga at the time we went there. We also edit the video by inserting a song, English song by Yuna to give some expression of fun and exciting as well as to entertain the viewer as they watching the draft video. After finish the presentation, Mr Helmi and Mrs Hazrati taking their turn to comment of the draft video. Alhamdulillah, their comments are positively, encouraging us to do better. Mr Helmi mentions that our video is 95% done, we are glad to hear it. Mr Helmi also comment to put more information, state details about the people which we interview in video. Luckily, we are satisfied and relieved. 🙂

Then, for other groups, they discuss with Mrs Hazrati and Mr Helmi personally without present their draft of their video in front of the class. They tell to us that they want to make it suprise. only show their video groups on “Hari Inovasi”. That’s make me excited to wait to watch their videos.. 🙂




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