Week 7-8-9

on December 25, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Here are the combined reflection for Week 7-8-9

We have discussion with Mrs Harzati about the suggestions for Presentation Day.

Brainstorming for Presentation Day

-presentation venue : Dewan Budiman

-invite other groups and administrator including Dean.

-preview the video and poster per group and story board


Week 8 : Start shooting

Week 9 : Shooting & “workshop” (maybe)

Week 10 : Re-shoot + editing

Week 11 : Final compilation, preview  95% done

Week 12 : Final compilation

Week 13 : Presentation Day

Week 14 : Study for final exam

Then, we have session with Mr Helmi, we learned about  the software of Adobe Soundbooth CS4.

It’s quite interesting for me to learn this software. From this software, i learned of audio editing application such as multi-track editing, speech transcription, non-destructive editing, automatic volume matching between tracks, and MP3 compression.

Adobe Soundbooth CS4

First, search and select the audio file

Next, editing sound/audio, for example cut the part of audio, editing

Then, Mr Helmi explained about how to shoot the video for example, noise of the place to shoot the video and also dark or bright in shooting the video. he also remind us to bring along battery charger.
Thanks to Mr Helmi, we can’t wait to shoot the video.. 🙂




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