Week 6 : Graphic and Visual Aids

on November 2, 2012

Assalamualaikum and have a nice friday…

This week, Ummi posted in the FB Group and the Blog that we are going to have a class outside, at the back of her office, under the Tinn’s trees.

food : delicious Nasi Lemak special.. 😀

Cheesecake yummyyy… 😉

having our lunch

shooting under tree

Mr Helmi

Today’s class is awesome, we have wonderful lunch which are nasi lemak, cheese cake and mango drinks, really makes my stomach full, thanks u so much ummi.. We also have new experience of shooting the video seems like interview video, it’s my first time speaking, giving speech in front of Digital Video Recorder.. hueew a bit nervous, of course to record every single words that i say.. but it’s great experience for me, at least a great start for teacher-to-be to giving speech although just for few sentences.. hehe.. that’s really motivates and improve my confidents.. a fun start for me.. 🙂

And this is my video recording,

obviously, i’m a bit nervous.. hehe..
good thing to learn and improve from here..
Thanks a lot.. 🙂


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