Week 1 GGGE2153

on October 5, 2012

Assalamualaikum & have a very good day everyone..

The class in on Friday morning 10-12 at computer lab 1.. Our lecturer for this course is Dr. Rosseni. I’m smile at first I saw her, here, my favourite lecturer much I have learned from her in the previous course, ‘Computer In Education’.. thanks a lot again Dr Rosseni.. 🙂

At first class of GGGE2153 Educational Technology, my mind have full of thoughts to expect of learning this course at the first time I entering the class. The word of ‘Education’ and ‘Technology’, what to expect to learn from combining for both of the words. After our lovely, motherly Dr Rosseni giving the introduction of this course, then I know exactly what I am going to learn from the course of Educational Technology throughout this semester. It’s kinda interesting to learn more about internet technology of Web 2.0 including social networking sites, blogs such as WordPress, facebook etc.. For this course, we need to create our own blog at Here on our blog, we have to write our self-reflection every week. It’s make me remember of my previous course ‘Computer In Education’ which also require us to write self- reflection weekly. But, the different is, the carry marks for the self-reflections is 40% compare to previous course of 5%. I wonder how I need to improve my self-reflections in order to meet 40% carry marks. I hope I can make a better, suitable, proper, appropriate self-reflections with the guideline from Dr Rosseni. Wish all the best for me, my weekly self reflections in-making.

Then, we also have to create a video for the group project that will be awarded 30% carry marks for the video production.
During the class, Dr Rosseni shows us some video clips of various categories as samples for us to create our own video production. She also explains about the video according the types, audio, the basic way of creating them. It’s so much fun to watch all the video clips presented in the class..
Some of them are,

Assasin’s Creed Meets Parkour in Real Life
This video is one of the breathtaking video, full of actions, so creative and enjoyable video clip. 🙂

Next, we also watch other videos,

True Muslim’s Life – Seni Kehidupan – Malaysian Student’s Life in Australia. Creative with the values of life… 🙂

Another creative video, informative one.. 🙂
Tabarruj & Eidul Fitri – by Malaysian Medical Students Studying in Alexandria, Egypt

And also video clip by Mat Luthfi “Nama pun sampah”

Video by Mat Luthfi is full of fun, comedy type with a lot of information, moral values which inspire us to be a better human being that care for the environment.. It’s creative yet informative video to make… 🙂

Later, I hope that I can create a creative video too with my group.. That’s require me to learn more and better throughout this course and hopefully be able to create one of the best video clip.. 🙂

till then, can’t wait for lesson of editing picture/photos and video.. :):)


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